Free Videos

Learn kettlebell basics, find a new workout, or develop more advanced techniques to use with your kettlebells. We've got something for everyone. Our videos feature well-known and respected fitness trainer Ana Browne.

Kettlebell Essentials

Get the basics as we move through a variety of kettlebell swings. All are designed to increase your muscular strength, balance, range of motion, hand and eye coordination and endurance as you work towards improving your fitness level.



Being a Kettlebell Chick with Ana Browne

Enjoy Ana's very first podcast with Tim Anderson as she discusses her start in the fitness industry, her credentials, and the struggles she faced as she planned and built her Kettlebell Chicks business.


 Kettlebell Grinds

The epitome of functional movement, workout along with Ana as you improve your strength and power by mimicking Olympic-style movements. 


Sculpting & Conditioning

Power through continuous full-body movements that independently focus on one major muscle group for 1 minute at a time. You'll use 5-15lb dumbells to sculpt your body into a powerful, lean machine. 


Extreme Conditioning

This 45 minute workout is strategically engineered to lift and shape your hottest ASSets! Fire up your glutes, build strength and definition, all while getting powerful. Waist-whittling exercises are included in this extreme workout. You'll love your shape!


High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Booty Training w/ Bands

Love your rear view again! Grab your dumbells and exercise bands and let's get moving with fitness trainer, Ana Browne.


Human Turkish Get-up w/Anabell & Jeff Martone

Can you do this? Watch as Jeff and Ana perform a Turkish Get-up at Cima Studios in 2007.


Future of Fitness - Getting Chiseled

Power through this full-body routine consisting of continuous movements, each of which focuses on a single major muscle group for 1 minute at a time. You'll use dumbells to sculpt your body for improved strength, fitness, and a body you'll be proud of.