About Us

At Kettlebell Chicks we seek to empower women to achieve fitness and health goals, inner strength, and to reconnect with inherent worth. When you are strong, we are all strong.
We envision fitness as an accomplishment that grows and evolves as you do.  Fitness is not just physical strength, but also mental well being.  What you learn through kettlebells—how to lift the weight you’re holding, how to stand and attend to your breath—will contribute to many areas of your life. One exercise at a time, you will find yourself stronger, more independent and a wonderful new you.
About Our Founder
In addition to owning and operating Kettlebell Chicks, Ana Browne also runs Anabell’s Fitness LLC, a Washington D.C. area personal training service that offers customized training plans for each client. Ana received her degree in Rehabilitation Services from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. She has worked closely with experts in the field over 15 years as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT).  She holds certifications from the American Red Cross, CrossFit, International Fitness Federation and the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
Ana believes kettlebells are one of the most effective tools to build strength, proper body alignment, and mobility. For Ana, kettlebells are more than a gym product—they’re an embodiment of her fitness philosophy: through the power of physical training, women can find their own internal strength. As Ana says, “I truly believe that I have a specific purpose in my life: to help women accomplish fitness and health goals beyond their expectations.”
Kettlebells Founder Anabelle Browne